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Sorry you missed the webinar, it was amazing! Jam packed with info on the courses and lots of great questions at the end. But don't worry, you can watch the replay.


It's time to take that step, choose a career you will love while helping dogs who need you!

Hi, My name is Michelle and I've been a Canine Physiotherapist for 17 years. I'm passionate about helping dogs to live longer and healthier lives but I can't do it on my own. Join me in this FREE WEBINAR to discover if a career as a Canine Therapist is right for you and the best way to Kickstart your Dream Career!

Canine Therapy Career Webinar

 In this Webinar I will bring my 17 years of experience as one of Australia's leading Canine Physiotherapists to help you fast track your goal of a dream career.

Inside I will teach you:

  • > How to determine if a career as a Canine Therapist is right for you
  • >The changing landscape of pet ownership and the opportunities available to you
  • > How to transition into the most rewarding career you've always dreamed of....spending your days working with dogs helping dogs live longer happier, healthier lives.
  • > How to choose the course that's right for you
  • > How to successfully launch your new Canine Therapy Business
  • > How to ensure your career as a Canine Therapist is successful
  • > Plus what's involved in becoming a Canine Remedial Massage Therapist or Canine Hydrotherapist

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Details of each of my Certificate Programs: Certificate In Canine Remedial Massage and Canine Hydrotherapy are included below









About your Webinar Host

Michelle Monk is a passionate dog lover and is dedicated to ensuring as many dogs as possible have access to quality rehabilitation services so they can live long, happy, healthy lives.

She is a qualified Animal and Human Physiotherapist with over 25 years experience in the field. She founded the first Canine Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy centre for dogs in Australia: 'Dogs In Motion Canine Rehabilitation' and since then has helped thousands upon thousands of dogs move and feel better.

As the chief instructor and founder at the Canine Health & Wellbeing Academy Michelle is dedicated to providing the highest quality education.

She achieves this by teaching the Canine Health Academy programs allowing her to share her knowledge and experience with others and enable them to also deliver quality animal health and wellbeing services. So in the end, more pets can live longer, happier lives with their owners


Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is such a crucial component of the rehabilitation of dogs. To enable comfortable weight bearing, to strengthen, to re-educate walking. It speeds up the rehabilitation and strengthening process for dogs dramatically.

Download the Hydrotherapy Course Brochure

Certificate in Canine Remedial Massage

There is so much benefit to be had for these dogs when they receive massage. Older dogs, sporting dogs, dogs with arthritis, poor mobility, anxious dogs, even our own healthy dogs. They all benefit from massage and need your help!

Download the Remedial Massage Course Brochure

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